The Bubonic Plauge


     When the plague demolished Europe, people were devastated. What if that never happened to Europe?

     That plague struck Europe over 500 years ago! To be exact it was 1347. Historians think it started in Italy and stared spreading across Europe.  Soldiers on they’re way back form a war arrived in Europe. They’re ships had rats with the fleas that carried the disease on them and made the plague spread faster.

     This plague effected Europe in many ways. One way it affected Europe is how the slaves “rose up”. To explain, a lot of the slaves died from the plague so they became more valuable to the king. The peasants complained and the king could not kill them like he usually could. Of coarse a plague would infect anyone it could, rich and poor so people thought it was the end of the world.

     When you got the disease it wasn’t like having a cold, it was much worse.  At first, you got a blackish bump. That bump would get bigger and bigger. When that bump got big enough it would pop and puss would start seeping out.  After that, more bumps would form and the same thing would happen again.

     There would be a lot of difference if the plague never struck Europe. One thing that would be different would be how the slaves never would have risen up. Because of the slave never rising up we might still have feudalism going on right now. Another thing that might be different would be that there might not be any education today. (No one really cared about education back then.) And the last thing that might be different would obviously be that there might be more people living today.

     It was both a good thing and a bad thing that the plague struck Europe.

Single Celled Organisms


 The world is filled with tiny cells that you can only see with a microscope. There are cells that can help and hurt. There are even cells that aren’t even considered living! If you continue reading you can get more information. 

     Bacteria are the smallest living things. Their main structure consists of their cell wall, cell membrane, the cytoplasm, and DNA. The bacteria are put in groups determined by their shape. Their shapes are spiral, rod, and round.

     Bacteria can cause diseases, help, and harm their host. The diseases they can cause are tuberculosis, Cholera, and infant diarrhea. They can help by breaking down other dead organisms. They can also give plant hydrogen. They can harm by poison the body and dissolve cells. Bacteria have different jobs. There are producers, decomposers, and parasites.    

     Achaea are single celled organisms that can survive in extreme environments. Achaea are grouped by where they live. Methanogens live were there is no oxygen. Haloples live where it’s really salty. Thermopiles live where it’s really hot or really cold.

     Viruses are non living cells. They are not thought of as living because they are not as complex as a regular cell. Their structure is made up of genetic material enclosed in a protein shell. When viruses reproduce they use other cells. First they attach to the cell. Second they inject the genetic material. Third they produce parts of viruses. Forth they the part make new viruses. Fifth the new viruses brake out of the cell and the same thing happens all over again. When this process happens it can really hurt us. It can hurt us because it can cause diseases and kill the animals and plants we eat.

     Protists are organisms that eat other organisms. They eat other organisms because that is how they get their energy. Some can also absorb sunlight to make food. Another way some can make their food is by absorbing nutrients form the environment. The last way they can get energy is by conversing food into energy.

     There are many types of cells that do different things. Some help, some hurt, and some don’t do anything.

How to carve a pumpkin

                                                (These instructions for 5-7 year old kids )                                                                                        


 Carving a pumpkin is really fun! It’s also really easy too. They also make good Halloween decorations. There are lots of different designs you can do to make your pumpkin look great! Your pumpkin will be the way you want it and it will be different from all the others.

   To carve a pumpkin you need all the stuff first.

  • An idea that you want your pumpkin to look like.
  • A pumpkin you think will your idea will look good on.
  • A small candle. ( it doesn’t have to smell good)
  • A medium sized bowl.
  • A flat place you can put your pumpkin on. (Like a table or counter. If you really have to you use a wooden or tile floor.)
  • A lighter.
  • A pumpkin carving kit.
  • 4 pieces of news papers. ( you can use more if you want)
  • A parent that can help you.


  • An idea that you want your pumpkin to look like.
  • A pumpkin you think will your idea will look good on.
  • 2 knifes.(1 big ,1 small)
  • A big spoon.
  • 4 pieces of news papers. ( you can use more if you want)
  • A marker. (It can be any color but it must be one you can see when you draw on the pumpkin. A black or yellow marker would be the best.) 
  • A flat place you can put your pumpkin on. (Like a table or counter. If you really have to you use a wooden or tile floor.)
  • A small candle. ( it doesn’t have to smell good)
  • A medium sized bowl.
  • A lighter.
  • A trash can that you can dump all the stuff you don’t need from your pumpkin.
  • A place you can put your pumpkin so people can see it.
  • A parent that can help you.     


      After you get all of the materials the first thing you need to do is move everything to the side so you can put newspaper on the table or counter. (Try to make a square with the newspaper. Also try to make the square big with no spaces in-between.)

     2nd, put the pumpkin on top of the newspaper.

     3rd, find the best side for the face you want the pumpkin to have.(You can use any side you want but not the top or bottom of the pumpkin.)

     4th, put the bowl, spoon, candle, and lighter away from the pumpkin so you can work.

      5th, get the marker and take off the cap and draw a circle around the stem on top of the pumpkin and make sure the circle is big enough so you can sick the spoon and your hand in it.

    6th, your parent needs to get the big knife and cut on the line you made.

     7th, take off the top and use the spoon the take off all the seeds.     

     8th, put the top of the pumpkin on a corner of the newspaper and use the spoon to get all of the other seeds on the inside in the bowl. (If you can’t get them off let your parent do it). 

     9th, after you get all the seeds in the bowl put it to the side.

     10th, draw the eyes you want your pumpkin to have.

     11th, draw the nose you want it to have.

     12th, draw the mouth for the pumpkin. (If the is anything ells you want your pumpkin to have you draw that too.) 13th, your parent needs to get the small knife and cut out the shapes.

     14th, get all the pieces your parent cut out and put them in the bowl.

     15th, get the candle and put it inside the pumpkin so you can light it.

     16th, your parent needs to light the candle with the lighter.

     17th, put the top of the pumpkin back on to fill the hole.

     18th, take the bowl to the trashcan and dump it out.

     19th, take the spoon and the bowl to the dish washer and put them in so they can be washed.

     20th, your parent needs to take the knifes to the dish washer and put them in.   

     21th, find the place you think is the best for your pumpkin and put it there so everyone can see your awesome pumpkin.


TIP :You can also paint your pumpkin.


Bullies are criminals

Bullies are criminals

     The tragic death of Phoebe Prince shows the terrible impact of bullying. Bullies should be treated like criminals because they are! Bullies of all ages should be considered criminals. Before you disagree with me, think about what could happen if you bully some one.

     Bullying can ruin someone’s life. It can make them feel unwanted and unimportant to the world. Feeling like that can lead to suicide. Bullying can also get kid to turn to drugs to feel happy. Some drugs can kill anyway.

     Bullying is breaking the law. “How?” you might ask well there’s verbal abuse, physical abuse, stalking, and more. If people knew bullying could get them arrested they might now do it. This could lessen the amount of bullying.

     There’re other ways of solving situations. There is no need to get physical or make a scene or anything like that. You can sit down and have a peaceful discussion about it. You should apologize if you did some thing wrong.

     Even if you’re young that’s no excuse. You can prevent these things and you know it! Don’t make an excuse make an effort. Be a good person, don’t bully.

Wendy Mass

Mass is my favorite author. She writes the funniest stories and they connect to me in a lot of ways. She was born January 17, 1967 in Livington New Jersey. She was an award winning author. She writes young adult and children book. Her favorite subject in school is reading and writing. She is 44 years old she is still alive if you where wondering.In the year 2008 Wendy mass still is living and and was living in Livington New Jersey. She lives with her husband Mike and her two kids named Griffin and Chlee and their cat Zoey . The books I’ve read are Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life and 12 finial. Her first story was published in third grade school magazine. It is based on the fable about a mouse that pulled a thorn out of a lion’s paw. She has a sister that writes for magazines.

Some interesting facts are… If she could be a color, it would be bright blue. Her child memories are the inspiration for her stories. She had no job other then writing in her life time. The awards she won were New York Public Library, The American Association, and Children Fiction Books. Her favorite food is candy. She kept every letter she ever gotWhoo that must be a big box in her closet. Just imagine all that fan mail. And birthday day letters and everything else. That must be a big closest.

That is why I love this author so much and all that information about her. She is a really busy girl.

The Titanic

Chapter 1

Mommy?” I asked while we were eating

“Yes?” She  answered

“Is the ship really unsinkable?” I asked her

“Of course it is dummy!” came a voice

“James! You don’t speak to your sister like that! And don’t yell either” She told my brother. “Now tell her your sorry.

“Sorry.” He told me putting his head down.

“OK.”I answered. “Thank you.”

“Dad!” He yelled pushing his chair away from the table, running with his arms open

“Hi there James.” He said as James threw arms around one of dad’s legs.

“Were have you been,it’s already 9:00!” James asked

“I told you son dad has to work down in the boat.”

“Hi daddy.” I said

“Hi honey, hello Jane.” He told us. “I might have to go back any minute.  James can you  get off my leg now?”

“OK dad.” James removed his arms and walked back to the table.

“Kids go get ready for bed.” My mom told us pointing to the bedroom.

“But mom!” James wined

“No buts! now go to bed!” She yelled.

Me and James went to the bed room and got ready for bed. I knew better then to talk back to mom. I got into bed and went to sleep. I was woken up by an odd shake. I got up and went to the the dinning room. Everything seemed to be OK. Momma and dad were siting at the table really still.

“Mommy, what was that?” I asked with a yawn.

“I’m sure it was nothing sweety.” She answered.

I stood there for a couple minutes in the distance I could hear footsteps. they came closer and closer then finally there was a man standing in the doorway panting.

“John we need your help in the engine room right now!”  exclaimed the man

“Whats happened?” asked my dad.

“There’s no time to wast! I’ll tell you on the way!” the man yelled

“I’ll be right back.” said my dad running through the door.

“OK Ann you can go back to bed now.” said my mom looking at the door.

“Goodnight  momma.” I yawned

I walled back into the bedroom, got in to bed and fell asleep.

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Book report on Avatar the Last Airbender Book Water


   The book I have read is a very interesting. It tells 3 different stories in 3 different points of view. The first part of the book is were it all begins. The person  telling this part is a girl form the southern water tribe. She is the only water bender in the whole tribe.  She tell us about her encounter with an airbender. Which are suppose to be extinct. Aang takes her to a forbidden firenation ship which only leads to disaster  bringing the firenation to  the village. Aang makes a deal with them that he’ll go with them if they leave . Katara decides to go and save Aang with her brother sokka. This sets them off no their journey to the northern water tribe.

   The next person telling this part of the storey is Sokka. On their way to the northern watertribe they find a watertribe war boat. Seeing this brings back painful moires of having to stay behind and say goodbye to their father. Soon they encounter one of their old friends. But all the happiness is washed away by shocking information. Aang had the map to Katara and Sokka’s father! They leave Aang but realize that they are needed most with Aang.

   This last part is told by Aang. When they finely arrive at the north pole Aang and Katara want to get a teacher but fined out that only boys could become fighters. Katara gets really mad and wants to fight the teacher. Their long stay has one consequence. The firenation has been tracking them. They have to fight a big fleet of battleships.

News About Zoos!!!


Have you ever been to the zoo? Well if you have then you might have noticed how sad the animals look. It’s very upsetting. Those animals are stuck in there. Most of them taken from their homes, or shiped from other zoos. I’m going to try to show you how it might be fun for people to watch animals in zoos but, how it might not be fun for them. In other words I guess I gust want to you to look at things form my prospective.

   Have you looked at the cages the animals live in? You might have noticed that they are NOT very big. And, one thing that really makes me sad is the fact that most of the time those animals are trapped in there all their lives and rarely let out to see the sun and enjoy the a nice cool breeze. But instead of being outside they are trapped there like innocent prisoners. The cage they live in about all their lives is were they have to eat, sleep, and even were they have to go to the bathroom. It’s really sad to see beautiful creachers locked up in cages. Animals have feeling to!!!

   Do the animals even ask to be put in a cage?  It’s not like they can go up to a zoo and tell someone “Hi. I would like to be keeped in a cage and let people watch my every move for the rest of my life.” I’m pretty positive that animals can’t talk or would ever want to be keeped in a cage all their live to be watched by people. Most people spend less then 1 minuet looking at an exhibit. that isn’t long enough for the life time of suffering the animals have to go through.

    This is what is think zoos should change about what they do. And I thank you for reading and , I hope you looked at it form my point of view. But, I must tell you that not all zoos are like  this. Some zoos are very thoughtful of the way they treat their animals.

Book Report On Wellspring Of Magic


Wellspring of Magic


I gust finished the book Wellspring Of Magic by Jan Fields. This book is 118 pages long. The six main characters are Alysa Cohen (or Aly), Rachel Cohen, Marisol Marquez, Kaida Jordan, Shaylee Ballard, and Larissa Delany(or Rissa). the protagonists are killer plants and monster-sized spiders they want to trap the girls there never to see their families or go back to their world ever again. So let me ask you, what happens when six ordinary girls open a portal to another world? It doesn’t take long for adventure anddanger to find them. Their quest brings them face to face with even more mysterious creachers like gigantic grizzly bears claiming to be guardians and protectors, green skinned folks offering magic and help, and a scaly river dragon- things none of the girls expected for the summer adventures. When all six girls get odd emblems in the mail o the same day they open their portal to the biggest adventure they could ever have. The the main problem in the is that a the 6 girls get stuck in the other world and can’t leave unless they somehow master their powers in time to save the wellspring. The settings in the story are… 1st, Aly and Rachel’s house. 2nd, th girl’s clubhouse. 3rd, to the other world. 4th, the forbidden forest. 5th, sinking in a big mud puddle. 6th, the mudshaper’s village. 7th, the river. 8th, back in the forbidden forest. 9th, the magic wellspring. Thank you for reading my book report on Wellspring of magic.

A Person I Admire


   Have you ever had a person that you admire? I have! One person I admire is my mom’s boyfriend Ernie. Ernie is a very good person and tries really hard to do everything he can for my brothers and I. He is veary kind and caring. He doesn’t ever want to see us upset or get hurt. When  he gets mad at us he always has a good reason to do so. For example if I were not to take a shower in the morning before I went to school, he would get really upset and , then we would have a pretty long conversation about. In the exampel I gust gave you the reason why he would get upset would be because he doesn’t want us to get sick, or get told we smell bad at school.

   Another reson why  I admire Ernie is because he works two jobs to support our family. This lets me know that he really cares about us. His main job is what he does at UniversityPhysicians. the other place he works at is Children’s Hospital. Sometimes he doesn’t come home until we’re all in bed. He works so hard for the people he loves. Because he works two jobs he doesn’t always get to spend as much time with us as he may want to. I have never meet someone as willing to give up so much to care for the people they love. Thank you for reading about oneof the people I admire and I hope you enjoyed reading it.